Building Resilience After Injury a Growth and Healing Toolkit


The BRIGHT program (Building Resilience after Injury - a Growth and Healing Toolkit) provides support to people who have recently been injured. Our goal is to help you build confidence and useful skills as you or your loved one copes with a recent injury.

If you or a loved one have recently been injured, you may notice that an injury doesn’t just have physical effects. An injury can have emotional, psychological, social, and financial impacts as well. Adapting to an injury involves both physical healing and emotional and mental recovery. You may have a lot of questions about the injury recovery process. This web resource provides information about the social and emotional impacts of an injury as well as tips to support a healthy injury recovery. 

Even if your injury was not particularly traumatic or stressful for you, this website has lots of information that can be helpful, including tips for talking with healthcare providers, skills for managing stress, and more.

How to Get Started

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Our Services

The BRIGHT program provides a menu of no-cost services to support people as they recover from injury. Program participants have choices about what aspects of the program they utilize. 


These no-cost services include:

Access to an online intervention for building resilience, strength and empowerment (available in early 2022).
Email message support for additional resources and measuring progress.


The services described above are supportive, optional services and are not mental health treatment or psychotherapy. If you would like to enroll in these services, please click here.


We are Here to Support You!

We hope you find this information helpful! This website has many resources to help you cope with your injury. We encourage you to look through the various topics to see what applies to you.

If our team thinks that you or a loved one may benefit from additional services, such as individual therapy, we will contact the individual to offer this service. This service consists of a 4-6 session mental health intervention to support those recovering from injury, and is provided at no cost. 



Who We Are

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We are a team of clinicians and researchers at UCCS- the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Our team is part of the Lyda Hill Institute for Human Resilience (http://www.resilience.uccs.edu).  We specialize in resilience and traumatic stress and we are collaborating with local hospitals to provide these services through a grant funded by the Colorado Springs Health Foundation.



We Welcome Your Feedback

Your feedback about the website and your responses to questions will help us make this program better. We want this program to be as helpful as possible and your voice can help make this a great resource for future injury survivors. Please let us know what you think by taking this brief survey.