Communicating with your Employer


Communicating with your Employer after your Injury

Returning to work after an injury or other stressful event can be challenging due to situational stress, coping with pain, financial uncertainty, and more. Depending on your situation, it may be important to communicate with your employer as you transition back to work.  Remember: it is important for you to focus on your recovery and to return to a comfortable quality of life. Balancing work demands with a healthy recovery timeline can be challenging, but good communication can make the process smoother.
The tips we provide are not legal advice and are not intended to provide or replace professional advising regarding injury and work. What follows is some general guidance to help you think through your return-to-work process.

Before you return to work: Things to Consider and Information about Resources

How you return to work will depend on your specific situation. For example, was your injury work-related? If so, your employer will likely be working with you through the worker’s compensation process.
However, regardless of whether the injury was work-related, it could impact your ability to perform work duties. Here are a few things to consider doing before you return to work:

  • Before you return to work, talk with your medical provider to set a timeline for you to return to work.
  • If your medical providers have placed limitations on what you can do, make sure you talk with them about how to communicate with your supervisor about this. What kinds of tasks do you need to avoid doing as you recover? How long do you need to avoid doing them?
  • Discuss any changes you may need to make and work with your medical provider to set realistic goals for yourself. Communicate these needs with your employer and ask for additional support or flexibility in work schedule and tasks if needed.


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